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Network Engineer

Maintains smooth operation of voice and data networks.  Plans, evaluates, coordinates and performs installation and/or reconfiguration of hardware and software elements of data and/or voice communication networks. Proposes solutions based on future needs and current usage and ensures that appropriate network documentation exists. 

Systems Administrator

Provides support to IT systems including day-to-day operations, monitoring and problem resolution for all of the client/server/storage/network devices, mobile devices, etc. including implementation of IT systems. Manages IT system infrastructure and any processes related to those systems. Conducts testing of network designs and evaluates and reports on new communications technologies.

Senior Network Specialist

Manages network performance, diagnoses performance problems, and undertakes tuning activities to ensure network performance meets Service Level Requirements (SLR). Designs, installs, maintains and coordinates the use of network systems. Evaluates hardware and software and peripheral equipment for large, complex networks. Troubleshoots and resolves problems and reports on overall network performance.  

Information Assurance Security Specialist

Conducts security research and analysis for assigned computing systems and the network infrastructure. Implements formal security programs and policies throughout the organization and monitors compliance for security, privacy, and incident response.

System Security Engineer/Analyst

Applies current technologies to the design, development, evaluation and integration of computer information systems and networks to maintain system security. Works with stakeholders and product vendors in the design and evaluation of applications, operating systems, networks and database products and technology. Involved in a wide range of issues including secure architectures, secure electronic data traffic, network security, information security and privacy.

Software Engineer

Develops, maintains, and enhances complex and diverse software systems. Modify existing software to add new features, helps to prepare software documentation such as user guides, and works closely with Systems Engineering team to conduct requirements analysis.

App. Systems Analyst

Provides accurate, quality analyses of new program applications. Conducts application testing, to identify potential problems. Performs analysis of business and user needs, documentation of requirements. Devises or modifies procedures to solve complex problems considering computer equipment capacity and limitations.

Knowledge /Content Manager

Supports and enhances information sharing capability and the retention of technical and programmatic documents. Optimizes the existing content models ensuring the integrity of content is maintained consistently for reliable and accurate distribution. Designs, deploys, and maintains websites, internal worksites, and content management platforms.

Data Architects/DB Designer

Directs the development of the overall database structure; uses queries, tables, Open Database Connectivity and database storage and retrieval methodologies. Organizes requirements and data into a usable database schema by designing ad hoc queries, scripts, macros, and updates to existing queries.

Help Desk Specialist

(Tier 1, 2, 3) - Uses IT management ticketing systems to triage, respond to user requests, and escalate incidents; resolves problems for computer software, remote access, and hardware inquiries, provides end user training; and Liaise with the Support Specialists and/or Engineering team.

Training Specialist

Provides support for course design, training, and evaluation. Coordinates, develops, and delivers related training to the user community in environments and may include classroom, on-the-job instruction, and/or computer based/aided training,

Instructional Design Specialist

Identifies, proposes, and designs training strategies and learning objectives.  Researches, writes, and edits educational content; creates course elements/topics/subjects with visual and audio content; and helps develop evaluation strategies and measurement tools.

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